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WebAR is a webapp platform that eliminates the pain of developing a
complicated and expensive AR geolocation game from scratch.


No app store approval process

Web apps do not need to be approved
by the app marketplace, they can be released at any time and in any form.

Lower maintenance cost

Web apps are much easier to
maintain, as they have a common code base across multiple mobile platforms.

Greater accessibility

Using search your game will benefit from being found online and will be shared more from links on social media links and email


With the WebAR
platform you can...

  • Use branded or custom avatars
  • Promote business locations
  • Create a community
  • Create Competitions
  • Enable In-game purchases
  • Promote physical activity

Want something completely different?

Our interactive directors are elite
experts at creating custom AR
experiences for any audience. Take a
look at other work we have done.

What if I want a Native App?

Our elite team of creative directors,
interactive designers and engineers
can concept, design and build any
idea into reality.

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